Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family; to me one of the most important groups of people in the my life. I believe that when it all comes down to it you're family is the one who should be there for you no matter what. Unfortunately this is not always the case because of circumstances such as divorce, adoption, etc. Even then you should still know that you're family is there for you, they might not be together and you might not be bounded together by blood but you are joined together by love and there is nothing stronger.
Divorce is an ugly situation and can damage people far more than people give it credit. The important thing to remember in situation like that is that is not you're fault and divorce does not make anyone love you less.
Adoption is the same way, just because you might not have the same genes does not mean you are less apart of the family than anyone else. You have the same claim to fame as anyone else in your family.
Although this is not always the case remember no matter how far you go a good family will always be there waiting for you at the end of a dark tunnel. -Jailyn :-}