My Take on Love

How do you know when your in love? Does love dissipate over time? Is unrequited love still love? If it seems to good to be true, can it be? If you loved then lost how long will the love (or the pain of it) remain? What makes true love so true?

I've heard the saying there are no good guys out there. Sometimes I want to believe this but something in me keeps telling me to hold on. And as much as us girls say this guys say the same thing. Maybe we are both just getting our wires crossed. Maybe we are both are looking in the wrong places.

I know personally for me it is when I see other people getting together and I am sometimes like man why can't that be me. But I have hope the one day it will be and it will be worth the wait. Yes I do get discouraged but it helps to know that the perfect fit could be out there for me, waiting patiently just like I am.
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