Lighting Speed

The speed of light is known to travel...? Okay well I have no earthly idea, I am a business major not a physics major (but if you know feel free to tell me, I love to learn). Well sometimes it can seem that life travels just as fast as the speed of light. Have you ever taken a moment to think about exactly where you are in life? I mean really sit down and realize how life can fly by. This includes those of you who are making the most of it. I mean no matter how you try to slow it up you can't. That is why I am a firm advocate of living life to the fullest. I mean do what you want to do try to have no regrets. Go skiing, deep sea diving, tell the that special someone you can't live without them. Do whatever it takes in the end to say that you did what you could with what you had. But while on this journey called life make sure that you are helping others along the way. Make sure that you do tell those who mean something to you how much you appreciate them. And cherish the moments of life that make everything seem worthwhile.

Live, love, and be happy. -Jailyn ;-)