Blast to the Future

Take a moment and think about where you will be in 10 years? Really contemplate on this...

So how does the future look? Do you like what you see? If so this is the time to seize the opportunity to make it happen. If not then vise versa, this is the time to change what you don't like. The choice is yours (with the help of the MAN who sits on high).

I realized the other day that word association is very important. This exercise is used in therapy to help the therapist help the person open up about his/her feelings. The way you associate the words tells a lot about you, like for me engagement makes me think of marriage. For others engagement may make them think of appointment. Different strokes for different folks.

Word Association (take the first word that comes to mind):
  • life
  • tears
  • happiness
  • love
  • man (this can be someone special to you)
  • woman

All these words mean something different to different people what do they mean to you? If you find any good websites about word association let me know. ;)