Making Choices

Choices and decisions are important factors in life. Making sure all choices and decisions are made with a clear conscience is very important. This choices/decisions include anything from your life plan to what to say to an angry friend. When in doubt keep you mouth shut.

Well on the topic of decisions I made some choices the other day about exactly it is I want to do with the rest of my life. Right now I am a junior in college and my schedule is pretty set for the next two years but then what. I always had an alternative plan A and plan B. Now I have revamped my whole plan process. You see my plan A was the career path I wanted to take upon graduation and plan B was marriage after graduation. That may sound a bit off to some but it all makes sense. When you get married you are one person living in two separate bodies (of course, you keep your individuality). When people don't look at marriage like this is complicates things. But anyway I thought if I got married then my plan A would be ruined because I would have to include my significant other in my plans and combine it with his plan. Well the other day I created a new plan that combines plan A and B. It is only a blueprint but it's worth a try.

The reason the I had two plans in the first place is a really long story. Maybe in another blog ;)