First Birthday Parties

I can’t believe this time last year I was anxiously awaiting my 3rd little bundle of joy. I was so ready to meet her, and start life with her on the outside. In case you’re wondering, the bad news is birth She’s such a wonderful addition to our family. So I plan to celebrate her first birthday just like I did with all the rest of my kiddos. First birthdays are such a sweet occasion. I love planning first birthday parties. The hardest part of my party planning process is on reining myself in. The themes are endless, and I’m known to get lost in a Pinterest vortex. So this year, I’m buckling down early and trying my best to stay focused.

First birthdays are parent driven, so I’m most interested in making sure we have good food and lots of family friend fun. Unlike toddler/kid birthdays where you have to be more concerned about kid-friendly activities. First birthdays allow you to have a more causal affair which I am all for. So this time around, unlike some times before, I’m choosing to work smarter not harder.

First, I’m reusing old decorations. Lots of balloons make the occasion feastive and cheap. Our graduation theme was somewhere over the rainbow. So we have backdrops and props. I'm going to try my hand at a balloon arch (wish me luck!), and that's that. Decorations for first birthdays in our house are kept at a minimum. Since the baby won't remember and doesnt care much it usually not worth the effort to me.

Next, I'm ditching the paper and going with PaperlessPost. Paper invitations are cute but they can be cumbersome to fill out and get out. So I’m using PaperlessPost invitations to save time and money. They’re super convenient, and they have some of the cutest designs around. They have every type of occasion and tons many options to choose from. You can do traditional invitations or send out flyers. They can handle both your professional and personal needs. Not only is their platform is super easy to use, most of the invitations and flyers fully customizable. So you can do a little or the most, it’s up to you!

Lastly, I’m focusing on my ultimate goal celebrating this small bundle of AMAZINGNESS who has made our life exponentially better with her presence. I want to focus on do less and celebrating more. Party planning can be stressful and can wreak havoc on your finances. But doing things on a smaller, more manageable scale has helped keep me focused on my ultimate goal. I plan on filling my backyard with lots of toys for everyone to play. I plan to fill the table with delicious semi-homemade noshes. And I plan to have a celebration that at least I’ll remember.