Homeschool Dreams and Visions

It’s been a while! But I’ve been super busy over here planning for our new homeschool year. I went to a homeschool chat on Tuesday and I am even more motivated to continue down my path. Originally I choose to homeschool until all the kids were able to enter school and I could go back to work. But recently I am leaning more toward making this a lifestyle. All things remain the same I would love to homeschool on a more continuous basis.

My dreams and visions include traveling to amazing places as a family. And I giving my kids the opportunity to earn an associates degree in conjunction with their high school diploma. These are definitely #lifegoals right now, but I feel as though I am creating the framework to make it happen. Will I peter out at some point? I don’t know, it’s very possible, but Im excited to for the journey! The truth is life is unpredictable, so I’m not sure where it will lead. But these are my current homeschool dreams and visions, #homeschoolgoals.

I’m excited to share more on this. Currently using the following for curriculum:

Math - Horizons

Social Studies - Kindergarten Essentials for Social Studies

Reading - All About Reading

Science - Developing Critical Thinking Through Science

Bible - Sabbath School lessons

I plan on doing assessment testing using the ITBS test in December and May. I would like to see where we are strong and areas where we could use improvement. And I want something to show our benchmarks to interested parties. Ultimately I want to have a large stake in my children educational success regardless if I do it at home or I put them in school. Education is an important part of your childhood experience and I want it to be an amazing adventure. Cheers to the new school year (no matter where you end up)!!