On the Real: Our First Night Away

We had a first official night away from the kiddos, and it was glorious. It was our 9th anniversary and we decided to celebrate with a trip downtown a stay at a fancy hotel. Our first order of business when we arrived was to jump in the bed and NAP. Yes, it's official we've reached a new level of adulthood. When napping is necessary in order to be able to survive a night out without the kids. And the saddest part was we were only going out to dinner. LOL. Enough about our uneventful night. The biggest feat of the day was leaving the kids overnight. And mission accomplished!

When I had my first baby I resolved to not take any major trips without her, if I could avoid it, until she was 5. Since we lived in NYC, nowhere near any close friends or family, I never had the chance to leave her with anyone while she was young. So I grew accustomed to having her with me wherever I went. After my second baby and our move back to Atlanta, I became more relaxed. But it was harder since I wasn't used to doing it. Once we decided that we were open to leaving them. Our first goal was to get baby #2 sleeping through the night. This only took about 15 months lol. But here we are!  

Now that I have more people who are willing and ready to watch them. The problem is more on me. Leaving them is hard for me. I know no one will be as good as me but I'd like to think anyone I leave them with will try. If not my daughter is very capable of reporting that back to me. So first on my list was my parents. According to my mom, everything went swimmingly. She took the kids to the zoo to tire them out. Which worked perfectly according to her. I'm sure they also gave her a run for her money. I could see how wiped out my parents looked after a night with the kids. Especially my dad who noted their constant motion and volume. lol! They're out of practice, but we'll help them with that. Yet another reason to go away more often. And yes, we'll be getting all the volunteers in on the action. (And yes, I'm talking to you if you've ever volunteered.)

I know there are several schools of thought on this matter. People are surprised that I've never left my children. Others are in the same boat as me. But I've decided to do what's best for me and my children. And that means leaving my kids with someone we both feel comfortable with. It takes the worry out of my trip and minimizes any issues. And since I've now seen what a success this has been it will definitely be something we will be doing again. I don't see myself going on a long vacation without the wee-ones just yet, but I have tasted a bit of adult only time. And I'm kind of hooked. 

Jailyn NicholsonComment