Exhaustion and Mandatory mommy time outs

I was out of it last week. My intention at the beginning of the week last week was just to take it easy for a few days. Do some light spring/summer cleaning, catch up on chores. But by Wednesday I had been knocked off my feet by another stomach bug. This was my second time the last week and half battling stomach issues (No I'm not pregnant). Not to mention that I've been getting in bed at some ungodly hours just to get some time to myself. So I was also completely exhausted, and my body finally said enough. Being sick the next few days was only time in the past few weeks that I had been able to get over 8 hours of sleep and have at least an hour to myself. I decided that moment it was time for a mandatory mommy time out. I realized I was exhausted and my body was paying the price. My body literally forced me to take a break because I wouldn't. 

I know some people don't think that SAHMs don't need a break but we do. All moms do. We, as moms, give so much of ourselves. We are constantly on the move. Planning and thinking for everyone around us. Carrying a very heavy mental load. And very often we don't retreat to replenish ourselves. We are overworked, overtired and, frankly, over it. We need mandatory mommy time outs. A time to just sit, reflect, and refuel. For me (starting immediately), this means going out once a week without my kids. But I'm not stopping there, the outing must not be related to any family matter unless absolutely necessary. Also, it must not be me doing something for someone else. I know some of these seem extreme, and as sure as I declare this something else will come up. But that is when I will have to learn how to say no more and say it more fervently. I'm learning to put restrictions on myself and my time for maximum enjoyment and rejuvenation.

I know this is not practical for every one to go out once a week kid-free, but choose the best alternative for you and commit to it. Finding your mommy moment is important. We can't help those around us if we are exhausted and running on fumes with no end in sight. Do yourself and your family a favor today and schedule your mommy time out!