My Halloween Struggle (Part 2)

So here's an update in case you were wondering what conclusion I came to after my Halloween post last year. Here it is in a nutshell. I'm still deciding. I did let my kiddos participate in my husband's work party last year. They "dressed up" and walked around his office collecting candy (-_-), taking pictures and enjoying time with dad. And that was it. It was the beginning and end of our Halloween experience. We didn't go out trick or treating. We didn't pass out candy (or tracks lol). We chose a random Sunday to go meet our new neighbors and handed out holiday tea-treats. 

Our Tea-treats we handed out to the neighbors

Our Tea-treats we handed out to the neighbors

I wrote my original Halloween blog with a very heavy heart and not many answers. And before you think I'm Sway, I'm not lol. I still have a lot of unanswered questions. These questions are unique to me and my personal struggle, but they are very relevant to the way I am raising my children. Children understand life in black and white, yes and nos, they haven't yet developed the grey, those slight nuisances that make things that much more complex. That will come, but I want to do what I can to make it less complex at this age and in the more formative years to come. And to compound things further, I have the impossible task of raising my children in a society that shuns those who think and behave differently. And maybe that's what this struggle has made me realize the most. That we are different and that's ok, but sometimes it makes me, and others, uncomfortable.

After my experience last year I've doubled down on some things I already knew, but I've also decided I'm not tied to everything about a holiday or idea. I'm free to pick and choose based on my preferences and convictions. All while knowing that those things are subject to change based on my feelings or new information.  Sometimes you pick and choose what you want from things in life, and it works out. Other times it's not as easy. When it comes to the celebration of holidays I have that choice. 

This will be a continuous struggle as most religious struggles are. But it's not unique to Halloween nor is it something that I'll ever have a truly acceptable answer too. My convictions are just that, mine, and they can change on a whim. I celebrate Christmas knowing Christ wasn't born in December, and that basically, nothing about Christmas is really about Christ. And at the end of the day, I don't celebrate Christmas for Christ. I go to church for that. I'll celebrate Independence Day knowing black people were not free, thus it kind of contradicts the whole purpose of the holiday, at least for me and those like me entirely. But I'll celebrate because who doesn't like BBQs, fireworks, and days off work?! And the list goes on. Life is about all about choices and the right to choose. God gave us that right. It was His gift to us. If we allow Him, He'll help lead us in our choices. 

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