First Birthdays are the best birthday's

As little man's birthday fast approaches I can't help but remember little mama's. As I noted previously, I didn't want to have anything for her at first. She was turning 1 and would not remember anything that happened. (She actually did fall asleep in the middle of the party...go figure) But then I thought maybe this was more for me than her. I mean we made it a year! I wanted to celebrate, and why shouldn't we?! So we did, with a big party. And it was least to me.

And now my 2nd baby will be turning 1 in two short months. He's standing, cooing and becoming his own person. And I can't help but think we need to celebrate that. I want to make sure the same he knows he is just as special and just as deserving as his sister when it comes to celebrating him. I know sometimes there's the 2nd child syndrome, but I want to be intentional about celebrating all my children. And this is one way we do so in this house. 

Also a while back I promised to share her party details, and never got around to doing that. But better late than never. We had more of a color theme than an actual theme. She wasn't into characters at that point so it didn't make much sense to have a character party. I figured she liked bubbles and dancing, so I incorporated that with a makeshift alphabet mat dance floor. I bought a few bubble machines and bubble favors with her picture. I made goodies bags that were age appropriate, nothing that could be deemed hazardous to children under 3. I cooked everything myself, why not!? (Yes, in case you were wondering I was doing the MOST). We had soft pretzels, fried mac and cheese balls, grilled cheese, mixed green salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, spinach and artichoke dip, cupcakes and cake. All made by yours truly. Even though we didn't do a character theme we did a color theme of  gold and pink. After consulting Pinterest, I decided to only decorate the wall and the table. This was genius...and much easier.

First birthdays are important and special to me as a mom. I did the most for baby #1, and I can't promise all the stops. But I can promise, a special event just as unique and special as he is to me. Details coming soon.

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