I did it!

So we're 10 weeks postpartum, and life is starting to make more sense. Moving from a family of 3 to family of 4 has been a transition, but we like it. I'm hoping for more, yes even this soon after giving birth. I have to keep the momentum of the moment going.

Last time I was here I was contemplating whether or not to have a vbac. Well, thanks to my amazing OB, Dr. Lisa Johnson, I did it. I VBAC'd, which approves me for more vaginal births in the future. Had it not been for Dr. Johnson I would not have followed through. She has the greatest bed side manner. She stayed with me the whole time. 

Here's the story. I was so nervous about going into labor and not having anyone to watch my little one (1.5 year old daughter) that I scheduled an induction. My induction was scheduled for 40 weeks exactly, and I was induced by foley bulb. They basically place a catheter balloon to dilate your cervix. This was done around noon without any drugs. I would say the discomfort was HIGH, but not drug worthy. I was also mildly committed to doing this drug free until the contractions kicked in. And boy did they kick in almost immediately after having the foley bulb inserted. So not knowing how long the process might take I asked for an epidural. Six hours later things were going pretty good, I was 6 centimeters dilated. Next came the breaking of the water, which was more like a flowing of the river.  And then everything stopped. I stayed relatively the same until 2 the next day when the doctor decided to give me a very low dose of pitocin. Which caused the contractions to start back up again, just in time for me to notice my epidural was wearing off. But before I could get any relief my urge to push kicked in. And my son was born at 4:41 PM weighing 8 pounds. And perfect!

And here we are 10 weeks later, enjoying our new family member so much. His sister is a big helper even at 2 and loves to hold him. She's such a great big sister, and getting better every day. I like having a vbac because it was a faster recovery time, and it helped me not skip a beat. It also empowered me for further births.