Life updates

It's been a while...still getting used to this SAHM job. It's been so rewarding. But this winter has sucked. When we haven't been stranded the house because of the snow, we've been stuck here because we're sick. It's been such a roller coaster. And our colds seem to be mutating faster than I can clean. Needless to say I can't wait for spring or at least a week without snow. I'll take whichever comes first. This weather is so isolating, one of the SAHM drawbacks. I try to get out when I can, which mostly depends on the roads and temperature. The cost of living up east. 

In other news I'm planning a 1st Birthday party. At first I was opposed to the idea then I decided what not, only happens once. And while she won't know what's going on, we will. So we celebrate!! It's a bubble and dance party. I decided not to go character route cause she's not really a fan of most current shows. But she loves to dance so that's what we'll do. Pics to come!