New Blog

I know the name is totally weird, but since blogging has caught on, you have to be more and more creative with names. And since most of the events I reconnect will be in the past tense, I figured the title works.

So why start this blog when I have 2 others, cause it's free and I want too. Actually it's my way to chronicle my journey as a new mom, a new stay-at-home mom, and frankly, a new woman…new on that to come.

Anywho I'll give a brief synopsis…I'm 29, married (6 years, August 10), new mom to Miss Josilyn born March 13 via C-section, college grad (Bus Admin - Marketing/Accounting, MBA - Management).

After having my sweet Josi, I decided to stay home cause no one could do a better job raising my kid then me. Well, I at least wanted to opportunity to screw her up in my own personal way. Plus working to pay someone else watch my kid was not my idea of good stewardship (more on that later).

So here I am from Fortune 500 to SAHM. I know it's been done before by plenty of women who have way more going on then me, but that doesn't make the transition any easier. So here I am, in this new exciting position, that I wouldn't trade for the world. Most days I think I'm doing fine, then there are some days I'm sure that i'm failing on an epic scale. Since she's so small, she probably won't remember, then again, she'll have this lovely blog to remind her.

Well naturally in my effort to make myself more awesome I decided to try to get on some sort of schedule. I should probably be in a schedulers anonymous group, cause of my obsession with being on a schedule. So I made this nifty list of things on a cyclical basis that need to be done each week.

Monday - Laundry, Change Sheets, Towels (this will happen Wednesday this week)
Tuesday - Clean Bedrooms
Wednesday - Clean Bathrooms (only happening tomorrow cause we are having guests)
Thursday - Clean Kitchen, Grocery Shop (might change this so my husband is able to come for backup)
Friday - Living Room (perhaps dust…perhaps not)

My meager attempts to organize my life after almost a year of chaos is a continuous battle. Soo in order not to get crazy I decided to create another list of things I would like to accomplish everyday, and perhaps, add some zen to my life. They are as follows:

- walk 45 mins (to assist in losing some of my pregnancy weight)
- blog 45 mins (to assist in not losing my sanity)
- 1 hour of cleaning (cause let's face it, it has to be done at some point)
- 15 min devotion
- drink 1 cup of juice (I just got a juicier and I am determined to get all my fruits and veggies in)

So there we have it, my new "scheduled" life as a SAHM mom. Wish me luck!