Easy Peasy Dressings

I love a good salad. As a meal or a snack. And nothing brings a salad together like a great dressing. Store bought dressings are a thing of the past since I learned to make my own. One of the best things I did was ditching store bought dressings. Now I make my own in few minutes. Additionally dressings can be used as marinades for meat and/or veggies.

Classic Vinaigrette and Orange Vinaigrette

This is my classic go-to vinaigrette. It's sweet and tart, and can be adjusted to your tastes. I have also added a fancier orange rosemary vinaigrette. Both recipes are be mixed and matched to achieve your desired taste preferences or to add seasonal ingredients.  You can use vinegar, apple cider or red wine instead of lemon juice in these recipes. I like the taste and convenience of lemon juice better. If you use apple cider vinegar adjust honey, apple cider vinegar has a sweeter tang to it than red wine vinegar.

Classic Vinaigrette

1/4 cup of lemon juice (fresh or concentrate)

1/2 cup of olive oil

1 teaspoon garlic salt

1 teaspoon nutritional yeast flakes

1/2 teaspoon parsley

2 teaspoons of honey

Orange Vinaigrette

1/2 orange (1/2 cup orange juice)

1 cup oil olive

1 tablespoon rosemary (fresh or dried)

1 teaspoon mustard

1/4 cup of honey

1 small clove of garlic 

Chimichurri Dressing

I've always heard of chimichurri sauce, but first tasted it on roasted carrots during Thanksgiving. The earthly flavor of the carrots plus the tartness of the chimichurri had me hooked. My chimichurri sauce goes well with veggies (or fish), if you're looking for an extra kick in the tastebuds. I've also used it as dressing on my salads. Traditionally it's used a sauce for meats, but it's so versatile. I've used it to season cauliflower and roast them. Adding more or less chilies or vinegar can keep it at the spice level you like. I suggest starting with 1 chile and then adding more.

1 cup of olive oil

3 tablespoons red wine vinegar

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

2 garlic cloves

1 dried chilies (I use 3)

1/2 cup parsley (fresh)

1/4 shallots (or green onions)

Black Pepper Buttermilk Dressing

This black pepper buttermilk dressing was an attempt at my husband's new Cheesecake Factory favorite salad. I used it on kale, this definitely pairs well with a heartier green. I added several additional mixtures to compliment dressing like raisins, craisins, pears, and pumpkin seeds. I live for the salty, sweet combinations in my food. And finding a good salad this can subsutitute as a delicious meal is a perk. This can be vegan or vegetarian depending on whether you use buttermilk or soy milk/lemon juice alternative.

1/2 cup of buttermilk (or 1/2 cups of soy milk and 1 tablespoon lemon juice)

1/3 cup of mayo (regular or vegan)

1 tablespoon Black Pepper

Salt to taste

Cheesecake Factory Version

Cheesecake Factory Version