Mexican Street Food

Ever since I visited Bartaco in Nashville, I've wanted to recreate my own tacos at home. I had the baja fish taco, portobello with queso fresco taco, cauliflower taco, and falafel taco plus the mexican corn. They were all pretty amazing, the flavors were so deliciously complex. I would have love to recreate them all, and maybe eventually I will; but for now I needed to do something quick and easy, but just as delicious.

So I made Mexican corn and Portbello mushroom and avocado taco. It was amazing. And so simple. I've made tacos before but it was something about these. I can only think it was my choice of ingredients. I tried to stay as authentic and as fresh as possible.

First, I used corn tortillas usually I pass these little gems for flour ones, but they're growing on me. Next, I used meaty, hearty portobello mushrooms. Simply prepared, just sautéed with olive oil and salt (if you're not watching your figure use butter, the flavor increases exponentially). I made a pseudo salsa with onion, tomato and cilantro. And topped with avocado and cotija cheese. Let me talk about this cheese real quick, it's subtle but it packs a lot of flavor. But if you want "authentic" mexican flavor, use this.

Finally, I grilled some corn on my griddler (yes it's still going strong). I coated it in miracle whip. I used miracle whip because it was what was in my fridge. But normally you would use mayo. Cover it with Cotija cheese. It crumbles in your hands, which is how I crumbled mine. But I would recommend used a food processor or maybe coffee grinder for a finer crumble. And lastly a dash of cayenne and sprinkle of cilantro. Prepare to indulge in a little taste of Mexican street food.