Taste of Atlanta Review

Last weekend, October 23, we took a family outing to the Taste of Atlanta. The taste was located in Midtown Atlanta in the Tech Square starting the corner of Spring Street and 5th Avenue. I'm originally from Chicago, and the Taste there was a BIG deal. So I was excited for the Taste of Atlanta. Apparently it started in 2010, but a lot of people I talk to still didn't know about it. This is disappointing because I think it's a great opportunity for Atlanta's restaurant scene, which is really starting to take off. 

First, let me say that I'm always hard pressed to find new restaurants and dishes that truly cater to vegetarians and/or vegans. Right now the new thing is gluten free. So maybe soon vegetarians and/or vegan friendly will make a it's way into most restaurants. And not just side item vegetables that are mostly an afterthought, but dishes thoughtfully prepared that are both delicious and filling. 

There were a plethora of options of things to eat. Everything from Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Ethiopian, and lots of southern classics and favorites. So let's dive right into what I ate. I had a Mushroom Taco from Rreal Tacos, Manchego (cheese) fritters with garlic-chili honey from Einstein's, Vegetarian Plate (Injera, Ater, Miser, Shiro) from Desta Ethiopian Kitchen, Apple Cider Donut from Bon Glaze, Portbello Mushroom taco from Bartaco, Mushroom Pizza from Ray's New York Pizza, Orange cream and vanilla gelato from Revolution Gelato, red velvet and chocolate cupcakes from Sprinkles. Oh and I met G. Garvin! Not pictured Chora Chat from Tavo Indian Bistro and Tuscan Olive oil cake from Vingenzo's. 

This was a nice family activity and it was a great day to be out. Everything was pretty good. I had to say my favorite was the taco from Bartaco. I am a little bias, I just discovered Bartaco in Nashville 3 weeks ago and I am a fan. But I like consistency and it was still as delicious as I remember. The Rreal taco wasn't bad either, the sauces they had were pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised by the pizza and the Ethiopian food. They were good, very solid flavor, which I wasn't expecting.. I plan on going to the Ethiopian restaurant very soon. The first thing I tried was the Manchego fritters and they were excellent! I made my was back for seconds, and I've already checked out the Einstein's menu for a trip there.

Favorite dessert, apple cider donut all the way, it was a bit dense but that is kind of the nature of an apple cider donut, so I'll allow it. But the flavor was all there. Of course you can't go too wrong with Sprinkles cupcakes. The gelato was good. The flavor of both gelatos were strong. They had a cardamom flavor that I wanted to try, but I was nervous because I didn't want the cardamom flavor to overtake my palate. I think this was a good choice. They also had a bourbon salted caramel sauce, and I really tasted the bourbon...like really. So I would say if I got more gelato from them I would go bolder. I kept it mild so I could share with my toddler. But it did the flavors were definitely there and that deserves some praise. Especially in a world of watered down ice cream flavors.

G. Garvin was nice enough to take a picture with me. He seemed nice enough didn't get much time with him, but I appreciated him being gracious about the picture. Unforntuately, I did not get pictures of 2 items which is probably fitting because they were my least favorite dishes. The chora chat was just not my cup of tea, but that wouldn't stop me from visiting there because, frankly, I love Indian food. Although I do like the mom and pops Indian spots that leave you overstuffed more than the fancy indian spots that feel the need to impress you more than fill you, but I'll visit and reserve my judgments until then. The Tuscan olive oil cake was not my speed at all. It had a funny licorice flavor on top that overpowered the whole cake and completely ruined it for me. I may check out the menu and see if there is anything worth going for. But for now I'm good.

All in all I would say the taste was a nice Sunday activity for family and foodies. I would warn vegan and/or vegetarians not to get their hopes up for many options. But most of what you can eat is pretty solid. There are also more options on different days, so that might increase your chances on finding more tasty treats. But I got enough suggestions to get me started on my new culinary adventures here in Atlanta.