Oils and Vinegar

Like most cooks I love new flavor enhancers. While doing my 2nd favorite pastime, shopping. I found a cute little shop in the mall that sells oils and vinegars. Many of the oils and vinegars were infused with different kinds of flavors. Olive oil is easy to infuse if you have a little time and patience. You also need a lot of what you plan on infusing your oil with. And it'll need to be cooked low for 10 mins. Garlic (10 cloves) and lemon (2 lemons) are excellent oil infusing options. They have strong flavors to permeate the oil. And they work well in a lot of recipes.

Since I don't really have the time, I choose to buy my oils and vinegars already infused. Here are the ones I picked up:

Mango vinegar

Fig vinegar

Garlic Olive oil

Lemon Olive oil

Orange Rosemary Vinaigrette

I've already made some veggie lamb with a a mango sauce using my new oils and vinegars. I used the mango and fig vinegar and lemon oil to marinate it. Then baked it off covered. I also used some frozen mango for flavor and texture. Sorry no pics.