Thursday Tips - Freezer Food

I am a believer in "waste not, want not," so the means using every thing to the last drop. Of course, some things are easier than others. 

First up, left over fresh herbs. Most time I buy fresh herbs, it's for specific purpose. Once I use what I need, I'm left with an important decision: use them or lose them. For savory herbs, I suggest freezing them. Use an ice cube tray and place fresh herbs into tray with water or oil/butter for a delicious seasoning cube for later.

For sweet herbs, I suggest boiling them and making a simple syrup. These are great for infusing flavor into lemonades/drinks (I'll get more into this later) or unique desserts. Simply boil herbs with equal parts water and sugar.

Next, tomato paste…I know your thinking, doesn't tomato paste comes in a convenient little tube that can be re-closed and placed in the fridge? Yes. But the price on those tubes are way more expensive than the tomato paste that comes in the can. So I opt to buy the can, and freeze the rest of my tomato paste. Make sure to smooth it out and lay it flat, so when you need it just break off a piece and add to you dish. 

Finally, tofu. My mini tofu stockpile below. Freezing tofu creates a chewy flavor, it will appear to have a springy texture, similar to chicken. Also you can buy it when it's on sale and it'll keep, I suggest no longer than 3 - 6 months. Make sure when you thaw out your tofu, you "squeeze" out the excess liquid. Place tofu on cutting board, plate or in sink between two towels and place heavy object on top (book or multiple cans) to remove liquid. 

More to come…. until then happy freezing!!